what i eat in a week for healthy weight loss

hi friends here is another weight loss vlog! *please remember* if you are here for recipe videos they are not going anywhere, I have a new one coming on Saturday! In these videos I will compile a few days of eating, workouts, and life to help give you ideas. This will contain things like calorie counting, macros, etc I always give a warning before I discuss any numbers. If this video isn’t for you I understand, but I hope if you are looking for weight loss recipes, easy recipes, or just curious to see how I balance weight loss and food blogging you will find this interesting! xo

0:00 Tuesday
4:16 Wednesday
7:28 Thursday
15:54 Friday + Saturday
20:10 Sunday

Things Mentioned In Video
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Recipes From Video
*I weigh everything in grams so that will be how I give measurements

Air fried apple cider donut bites: https://youtu.be/8DiRReF8YhA

Tuesday Lunch – Cal: 456/P:20G
138g Loma Linda lemon pepper “tuna”
30g carrots
50g bell pepper
92g cucumber
22g vegan mayo
4 wasa crackers
21g snap peas

Tuesday Dinner – Cal: 428/P:34.4G
144g lentils and quinoa (whole recipe was 225g)
*93g lentils
*81g quinoa
*50g tomato sauce
*seasonings of choice
117g frozen broccoli
1 dr praegars chick’n pesto burger

Tuesday Dessert – Cal: 153/P:4.5G
2 wasa crackers
12g peanut utter
4g mini chocolate chips
9g vegan marshamallows

Weds Breakfast – protein smoothie
Weds Lunch – Cal: 557/P: 39.3G
76g seitan
2 tjs carb savvy tortillas
26g vegan cheddar shreds
114g lentils & quinoa
52g tomato
125g cucumber
19g vegan sour cream
18g harvest snappers

Weds Dinner – Cal: 283/P:22.3G
152g extra firm tofu
128g heart of palm pasta
50g tomato sauce
145g broccoli

Weds Dessert – Cal: 231/P:13.4G
145g siggis yogurt
6g vegan chocolate chips
6g vegan chocolate protein powder
4g vegan marshmallows

Thursday Breakfast – Cal: 413 /P:42G
61g frozen banana
55g frozen mango
20g spinach
10g pb fit
60ml ripple milk
45g chocolate protein powder
15g catalina crunch cereal
13g toasted coconut granola
*this is usually what my breakfast smoothies consist of

Thursday Lunch – Cal: 462/P:23.7G
483g escarole & beans – recipe comes to Instagram on Thursday
2 josephs pita
57g tomato sauce
33g vegan mozzarella
2g nutritional yeast

Thursday Dinner – Cal: 494/P:41.8G
142g extra firm tofu + 126g super firm tofu
135g broccoli
1/2 trader joes scallion pancake

Thursday Dessert – Cal: 187/P:9.4G
2 wasa crackers
15g pb fit
30g jelly

Friday Breakfast – Cal: 412/P:39.4G
1 slice 647 bread
63g vegan just egg
9g cheddar
11g vegan prosciutto
1/2 cup ripple milk
60g frozen banana
22g spinach
8g pb fit
29g protein powder

Apple Cider Bread – Cal: 1387/52.5G (for whole bread)
1 apple package go nanas apple cider banana bread
46g vanilla protein powder
13g agave
120g banana
3/4 cup nondairy milk
60g vegan yogurt

Weekend Veggie Soup – Cal 721/P:29.9G (for whole soup)
18g olive oil
21g garlic
46g onion
142g celery
166g carrots
145g bell pepper
225g honeynut squash
138g yellow split peas
20g better than bouillon
Seasonings you like

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