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I hope you enjoy this Vegan What I Eat In A Day video, All my Easy Vegan Recipes and Healthy what I eat in a day videos will be on this Channel again going forwards. This What I Eat in a Day Vegan, has Vegan make ahead recipes, batch make recipes and easy Plant based recipes. I hope you will enjoy one of the 3 healthy vegan recipes in todays what I eat in a day fall edition.

00:00 Intro
00:34 Todays vegan recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner
02:04 Healthy Vegan Sweetcorn Fritter balls
06:35 Delicious Salad – Avocado baby spinach leaf salad
09:40 Healthy Tofu Vegan Kebab BBQ Skewers and Tofu marinades
13:48 Outro

Todays vegan breakfast recipe in todays ‘what I eat in a day’ is an easy batch make a head recipe, so ideal for busy work days. Most people like sweetcorn fritters, but my sweetcorn fritters are 100% healthy! these sweetcorn fritter balls are delicious, easy to make an an ideal easy vegan breakfast. the recipe makes 50 balls, thats lots of easy vegan breakfasts for the week or for the family. These vegan sweetcorn breakfast balls are an ideal snack anytime of the day and are great if you are trying to loose weight on a vegan diet, these recipes are full of vegan protein.

In todays ‘what I eat in a day’ our Vegan Lunch is one of my vegan healthy few ingredient salads. My avocado, baby spinach protein pasta salad is so delicious and such a fast vegan salad to prepare, its ready in ten minutes, its a very healthy vegan salad, packed with nutrition, very little time to prepare and very few ingredients needed. Its a perfect quick vegan salad. Todays lunch is gluten free, a very healthy vegan salad full of vegan protein, ideal recipe for weightloss on a plant based diet.

Our Plant based Dinner in todays ‘ Vegan what I eat in a day’ is a make a head vegan recipe that you can batch make the day before, keep in the fridge, my healthy tofu vegan kebab skewers are so delicious and very nutritious, simple to make, and simple to cook, I love these vegan bbq soulovaki because my husband can go in the fridge and help himself to food anytime… I love vegan food that is prepared in the fridge so teenagers or other halves who don’t cook and easily get a vegan snack or meal. This recipes is super healthy and perfect to help you keep in shape or loose weight on a healthy vegan diet.

Today’s what I eat in a day recipes are all healthy and are fast to make or to prepare, 2 recipes can be prepared in advance and kept in the fridge a couple of days perfectly. Each of todays vegan recipes in my new ‘what I eat in a day’ are nutritious with protein and a wide range of nutritious rainbow vegetables. All of todays vegan recipes are plant based and suitable for vegetarians, the recipes are gluten free and mostly low FODMAP. I hope you enjoy my new vegan what I eat in a day video.

I am a vegan foodie, I love delicious vegan plant based food, I love to cook and create new vegan recipes and share them in my new what I eat in a day as a plant based vegan videos. My aim is to make plant based eating ‘doable’ easier for people to cook from scratch quick vegan meals that are nutritious and yummy. Today’s video shares recipes ideal for busy people, or for families with hungry teenagers that love to snack on healthy vegan snack food. All of my recipes today are healthy and all can be oil free plant based recipes. All of my recipes are super tasty, I always give lots of advice and tips for each recipe, I have ingredient screens in all of my recipes you can take a quick photo of for future reference, take to the supermarket on your phone, and I explain my vegan recipes simply so novice vegan cooks can follow and understand how to easily cook healthy vegan food for themselves and their families.
I hope you enjoy todays ‘what I eat in a day’ be sure to subscribe for weeky healthy vegan recipes on this channel.

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