Vegetarian Protein Sources To Build Muscle

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In this fantastic episode with one of the world’s best trainers Kris Gethin, we spoke about everything about weight loss. This episode is your ultimate advanced guide to get to the path of fat loss and burn. It was never about the chiseled abs or body, but it is always about your overall holistic health, lifestyle, and happiness. We discuss topics from Europe and the USA’s fitness culture, sugar and its alternatives, Keto & other diets, Resistance training, and of course Vegetarianism.

Kris Gethin is one of Bollywood’s most recognized fitness trainers. He is someone who has been training Bollywood actors for over a decade. His topmost client has been Hrithik Roshan & John Abraham, whom he trained at the beginning for the movies – ‘Krish’, ‘Shootout At Wadala’ & ‘Force’.

Today the fitness or health quotient in India has changed. People are now focused on being healthier and often the question that gets asked is how to be healthy or how to be fit. This episode will guide you toward correct exercises, diet plans & more.

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Today, The Ranveer Show or TRS – Happiness Through Curiosity. A show where we host the world’s greatest success stories and try digging out their secrets to success. Every conversation is an EXTREME learning experience for the viewer.

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