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never thought i’d make a dinner ideas video. simply because i dont want my channel to turn into a cooking channel.., hahahha. anyway, today im showing you 3 amazing vegan dinner ideas! im going to show you how to make a potato salad, vegan lentil bolognese and finally vegan PIZZA!! these meals are all high carb low fat, low salt and no oil, but you can adjust to your liking 🙂
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This video was inspired by some of my favorite youtubers: mylifeaseva, bethany mota, stilababe09/meredith foster, niki and gabi, hayley williams, connor franta, aspyn ovard, aspyn + parker, alisha marie, rclbeauty101, okaysage, freelee the banana girl, bonnyrebecca, twaimz, thatcherjoe, chanelegance, laurdiy, jennxpenn, luke korns, maybaby, and more!

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