It’s the Christmas Season and your Vegan Christmas Dinner is right around the corner. Today I’m gonna show you how to make three super easy, insanely delicious plant-based recipes for a spectacular Vegan Christmas Dinner spread.

Let’s jump in:

This Chickpea Walnut Apple Loaf is full of flavor. Savory herbs added to the chickpea base, along with walnuts, veggies, apples, oats and a fantastic sweet glaze deliver rich bold tastes that are sure to please. Ketchup (delicious in this sauce) and a drop of molasses create a bbq effect, along with applesauce and a little lemon juice for a hint of a sweet-tart flavor. This will make a fantastic entrée (or side) for the holidays. It’s also a delightful complement to this Spiced Cranberry-Mango Sauce.

A nice cranberry sauce is a perfect side to your holiday spread. The Spiced Cranberry-Mango Sauce is a play on the classic cranberry sauce with a blend of sweet mango and warm spices. This is definitely gonna take your cranberry sauce up another notch.

Also in this video, is my Sesame Ginger Asparagus. It’s a favorite of mine. I love the sweet and savory taste that’s complete with just the right pop of heat. Best, it’s super quick and makes another great vegan Christmas side dish. Top it off with sesame seeds and enjoy this crisp, great-tasting dish that packs in tons of good-for-you vitamins and minerals.

This dish carries hints of international fusion with the merge of ginger, coconut aminos (to sub soy sauce), and sesame–reminiscent of Asian cuisine flavors. Always a winner and always an elegant touch to your Vegan Christmas Dinner spread.

For a perfect, bold and flavorful appetizer try my Vegan Pumpkin Soup featuring Sweet Plantain. It’s a fun twist to the classic pumpkin soup or even the vegan pumpkin soup for that matter. It promises awesome flavor that is deeply satisfying and is power-packed with health benefits from not only the main ingredients (pumpkin and plantain), but also from the ginger, onions, garlic, and more.

If you like pumpkin and if you like sweet plantain, then more joy has come to your world this holiday season. Take this pumpkin soup up a notch with a delicious swirl of cashew sour cream (a wonderfully creamy complement to this meal) and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and fresh herbs.

And let’s not forget dessert. Always enough room left to enjoy these delicious Sweet Potato Carob Truffles. You have to try these truffles. They combine sweet potato, dates, and carob for their base, rolled in shredded coconut and pistachios. Easy and simple. Kids will especially enjoy making these. Note: These truffles offer a caffeine alternative, while still giving you that chocolatey taste.

You may want to add more items to your Vegan Christmas Dinner spread, like a fresh raw salad or some creamy mashed potato. Have fun! Be creative! And eat healthily!







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