The Best Vegan Food We Ate In England (London, Nottingham,

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We spent two weeks traveling around England back in late December/early January and we tried a TON of really great vegan food. Sure, not all of it was “compliant” with the whole food, plant-based lifestyle we follow, but we were so inspired by all of the dishes and wanted to share it with you!

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VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes with Krocks In The Kitchen –
VIDEO: Brian Cooks Vegan Feast In Nottingham –

In this video, we visited:
LEON (London)
M&S / Marks & Spencer (London)
Hand & Heart (Nottingham)
Humpit: The Hummus and Pita Bar (Leeds)
Bundobust (Leeds)
Eat Your Greens (Leeds)
Mildreds (London)
Sagar (London)
Redemption (London)
Farmacy (London)
Vantra Eden (London)
Vantra Loungevity (London)


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