S2:E9 Six Tips for Vegan Pilgrims Walking the Camino |

Wendy Werneth (The Nomadic Vegan) shares six tips for maintaining a vegan lifestyle while walking the Camino de Santiago. Having traveled to more than 100 countries, Wendy shares suggestions for incorporating local cuisines in a vegan diet with author Kevin Donahue (http://www.sacredstepspodcast.com).



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MEET OUR GUEST: Wendy Werneth

As a writer and content creator, Wendy Werneth (https://www.thenomadicvegan.com/) shares insights for vegan travelers on navigating customs and cuisines around the world. Wendy leads vegan travel groups throughout Europe and hosts the Spirit of the Camino podcast, focused on the Camino de Santiago, with her husband Nick Leonard.


MEET THE HOST: Kevin Donahue

Husband. Father. Backpacker. Pilgrim. Author.

In 2019, Kevin Donahue set off from his home in the United States to begin a pilgrimage journey spanning both years and miles, walking across continents to the ancient end of the world, to kneel at the tombs of eight Apostles. Available for Easter 2023, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal, is Kevin’s first-hand account of the people and places found along the way to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love.


Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal

Available from print and digital booksellers for Easter 2023, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal is the first-person account of a reluctant pilgrim navigating the eternal questions of faith while walking along the world’s revered paths. The book follows one man’s journey through Portugal and Spain on the Camino de Santiago, along the coast of the Pacific Ocean connecting California’s Missions Trail, across England’s ancient Pilgrims’ Way, and onward towards Rome via Europe’s forgotten footpaths on a journey of soulful discovery. More than a travelogue, Sacred Steps: A Pilgrimage Journal is a first-hand account of a pilgrim’s journey and the people and places he finds to inspire questions and enlighten answers about faith, hope, and love.

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