QUICK VEGAN RECIPES to feed your family FAST!

Today I’m sharing three of my go-to 15 minute, plant-based meals that I eat on a regular basis. All of these recipes are balanced, delicious and beginner-friendly!

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Recipe Direct Links
► One-Pot Curry Ramen: https://theconscientiouseater.com/one-pot-vegan-curry-ramen-20-minutes/
► Loaded Avocado Toast:
– Kale
– Protein source/favorite beans
– Salt + pepper
– Toast
– Avocado
– Garnishes
► Lazy Fried Rice (use whatever veggies you have and omit the pineapple if you want!): https://theconscientiouseater.com/recipe-redux-7-ingredient-pineapple-stir-fried-rice/

Video Timestamps
0:00​ – Introduction to quick, balanced meals
0:34 – Quick Curry Ramen Recipe
2:39 – Loaded Avocado Toast
3:36​ – Lazy Fried Rice
4:58​ – Outro to quick, plant-based meals

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