Overcoming Struggles in Health & Life with Richard Chiu

Episode 10: Overcoming Struggles In Health & Life With Richard Chiu

Richard Chiu is an actor, producer, podcast host, SGI Buddhist and family man. He suffers from maladaptive daydreaming and is looking to help those suffering from the same, by sharing his story. Extremely overweight after college and suffering from gout, he was given little to no support and so had to find answers for himself in a Barnes & Nobles store.

After turning his health around, he accidentally fell into acting while wanting to be a musician and his life has never been the same since. However, he has faced his fair share of challenges in health & life and in this episode he shares his wisdom and learnings with us so that we can apply them to our own struggles.

Richard is due to appear in a big “hush hush” space show which he has started filming recently – so catch the man off the screen and hear what he has to share.

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