Keto Dinner-Low carb dinner ideas-Healthy eating tips for BEGINNERS

DELICIOUS Keto Dinner-Low carb dinner ideas-Healthy eating tips for beginners

Recipe Instructions Below

Cover the bottom of your baking pan with about a cup of water, you don’t want too much water
Just enough to create a good steam to cook the cauliflower

Remove the skin from the Salmon
Wash and place in pan on side where skin was removed

Squeeze some fresh lemon on the salmon
Cut up several pieces of garlic and placed them inside of the salmon and drop a few pieces in the water as well

Drizzle olive oil over the salmon
Season with Sea salt and black pepper to your liking
Add some cilantro thyme
And bay leaves

Wash your cauliflower and break it up into small pieces placed them all around the salmon
Then cover pan with aluminum foil

Bake on 375 for 25 to 30 minutes
Checking periodically to make sure the cauliflower is soft but not too soft and while there’s still some liquid left in the pan

Once everything is done spoon the juices in the bottom of the pan over the salmon and cauliflower
Serve and enjoy

Salmon salad with cauliflower

Take your baked salmon and cauliflower
Place In a small bowel
Boil one egg
Slice up the boiled egg In small pieces
In the bowl of baked salmon and cauliflower
Add a dash of olive oil, black pepper
And sea salt. Squeeze a sprinkle of lemon juice

Get a fork and mashed everything up together nicely, until It becomes one delicious salmon and cauliflower salad.

Wash a big size carrot or Two
Peel them, dry off excess water In paper towels

Pour a small amount of avocado oil In frying pan on high heat

Brown carrots on each side placed on paper towels To remove any excess oil

You can also bake your carrot fries In the oven
And enjoy

Disclaimer: Information shared is for informational purposes only, please consult you
doctor and nutritionist before starting any new diet.

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Keto Dinner-Low carb Dinner ideas-Healthy eating tips for beginners

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