John Abraham : My Vegetarian Diet

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A beautiful podcast with Bollywood’s heartthrob John Abraham, it was the most heartfelt, brotherly conversation we’ve had on the show. He started his career with modeling and after many making his mark for many advertisements, he got the opportunity with his debut film “Jism”. Soon he became the actor with the most aspiring body in Bollywood. For me personally, he was a huge inspiration during the time I was deep in my journey of bodybuilding.

In this episode, we went deep inside John Abraham’s mind, the mistakes he has made in the past, the failures, his brand image & more. One thing I definitely witnessed the most about him was his humility for his work, art, and legacy that he has built over the years. There are many aspects of him that you’ll witness during this conversation.

On being on the brink of a release, he breaks down how he disassociates his self-worth on the success or failure of a particular film. His new film will “Attack” will release on the 1st of April’22, where he brings back another release in the thriller genre.

Hope you enjoy this conversation, can’t wait to have him back on the show again.
John Abraham on The Ranveer Show.

John Abraham Talks Vegetarianism – What It Did To His Body And Mind.

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