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Here’s the Story of how I came to be:

My name’s Ted Carr and I was born n’ raised in Vancouver BC, Canada.

At age 19 I dropped out of college because I hated learning about something I wasn’t even interested in.

I just wanted to live my dream life with an actual purpose like I saw so many others doing on YouTube. I really wanted to start out as a personal trainer, working for myself.

Soon after dropping out, I got certified as a personal trainer… but I was desperate to fix my skin issues as I knew I shouldn’t be having so much acne all over my face, back and chest when I wanted to be an example of health and vibrance.

Nothing was working though… Every cream, lotion and potion failed me. But I kept trying things and didn’t give up! I held the vision of clear skin.

Eventually found Fruitarianism AKA Raw Veganism which not only cleared my skin but also gave me the life meaning and purpose I had been looking for all this time. Go figure!

With my new mental clarity, I read/devoured dozens of books on self improvement and raw veganism. Then I took inspired action daily and made so much progress in such a short period of time by helping others via Skype, YouTube and other forms of social media who were also looking for the same answers I had recently found.

Within 2 weeks of eating 100% low fat raw vegan my skin totally cleared up and I was making good money as personal trainer – helping people get fit & healthy. I started making YouTube videos soon after to share my story – although I was SUPER hesitant at first!

I haven’t had any acne issues since eating a low fat raw vegan diet which I promote on my channel, and I’ve helped countless people ‘cure’ their acne as well by coaching them with raw veganism. My life will never be the same again since reading all those books and making all these YouTube videos…

Raw foods has forever changed my life.

Maybe my YouTube channel can help you change yours.

Comment: I READ YOUR STORY if you read this 🙂 Would mean a lot.

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