Do you really need to “EAT BIG TO GET BIG?”

Visiting the rhino sanctuary was a roller coaster of emotions for me!
I was overwhelmed with joy being close to these majestic creatures, at the same so much sadness hearing stories of the brutality they face.

Rhino are being slaughtered at a rapid rate and if not for places like this the Rhino would undoubtably reach extinction.

We can make a difference.
If you are in a position to donate I urge you to help support this establishment in the preservation of these incredible animals.
I will be donating the full proceeds of this video as well as adopting Kai.
Together with Ryse Supplements we will be doing a site wide sale and donating a portion of the sales to Care For Wild.

If you want to know more or wish to donate you can find out more via their Instagram page:
or visit their website to donate:

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